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Double Skip Loader

Double Skip Loaders

Key Features:

  • Dual discharge design: Capable of carrying two different types of waste simultaneously.

  • Large capacity: Able to collect a significant amount of waste in one go.

  • Powerful motor: High-performance and durable operation.

  • Easy to use: User-friendly control panel and ergonomic design.

The Double Skip Loader offers users agility and efficiency. With its dual discharge design, it saves time and labor by handling two different types of waste simultaneously. Its large capacity and powerful motor enable quick collection and transportation of waste, even in tight spaces.

Optional Features

• Remote Control


• Steel Plate or Hardox Steel

• External Manual Throttle

• Cobalt coating for lifting components

Ready to usher in a new era of waste management? Simplify your tasks and boost your productivity with the Double Skip Loader! Watch our video for more details and get in touch with us today.

Container Capacity: 6-12 cbm

Lifting Capacity: 14.000 Kg- 18.000 Kg ( Ground level )

Loading Time: 35 ~ 40 sec.

Unloading Time: 45 ~ 50 sec.

Tipping Time: 40 ~ 55 sec.

Double Skip Loader
Double Skip Loader
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