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Press Containers


• Container Capcity: 10 m³ to 20 m³


• Total Width: 2300 mm 


• Total Length: 4100 mm  to 5900 mm


• Power Motor Tropicalized: 7,5 kW


• Oil Tank Capacity: 80 Ltr.


• Feeding: 400V - 480V three phaze


• Frequency: 50-60 Hertz

•Ergonomically designed for ease of operation and                   maintenance .

• Leak proof tailgate and front maintenance door. 

The press containers of this series have been designed for the transport and discharging with abroll vehicles with lifting hooks. Notable about these presses are the large and low feed openings, comfortable operation, high density compaction and customer-specific equipping. they can be used anywhere where large amounts of rubbish and recyclable materials must be compacted before transport. They are suitable for the compaction of household rubbish, industrial rubbish, green rubbish, foils, paper, cardboard...

Press Container

Optional Features

• Hydraulic tailgate with pistons.


• Waste container lifting system. 
   ( 120 Lt. / 240 Lt. / 360 Lt. )

• Container washing system.

   ( 100 Lt. stainless steel water tank, washing gun and high pressure pump. )

Press Container
Press Container_
Press Container
Press Container
Press Container
Press Container
Press Container
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