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WPress Container Washing Garbage Compact

Stainless steel water tanks up to 1000lt capacity
Ability to wash and disinfect up to 120 bins
Modern design, light construction in combination with maximum strength for increased payload
Use of electronic systems for the operation and diagnosis of the superstructure damage
Full compliance with Directive EN1501 for safety systems

The waste collection vehicles with container washer are able to perform the tasks of garbage collection and container washing all at once. They are ideal for small Municipalities as well as for daily container washing in the main streets of urban centers. They meet all current regulations and are in full compliance to the European Directive 1501. The container washing system includes stainless steel tanks, high pressure and sewage pumps, washing robotic arm and swivel head, disinfection system, high pressure washing bars etc. They ensure economy and hygiene, since the whole of them can be washed and disinfected regularly.

Compactor Body: 14 m³

Body Bottom: 5 mm / ST-52

Body Sides: 4 mm / ST-52

Tailgate: 2,8 m³

Hopper: 6 mm / Hardox 450

Pump: High pressure pump 150 bar

30-40 Lt. / min Sludge Discharge Pump

Washing Head: Italian Brand

Dirty Water Tank: 650 Lt. / Stainless Steel
Clean Water Tank: 1000 Lt. / Stainless Steel

Garbage Compactor


Garbage Compactor with Container Washing System

Garbage Compactor
Garbage Compactor
Garbage Compactor
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